North Salem High School 

Theater Arts presents...

Auditioning May 4th-5th

(audition materials coming soon!)

Performing outdoors on North Salem High School's campus

July 15-18

Music Audition:

DANCE  Audition:

You will have two (2) options for the music audition.
Option 1 is to sing the below cutting of "The Baseball Game" (YouTube song for reference), you can familiarize yourself with it before auditions, but Ms. Beck will teach it to you at auditions as well!
Option 2 is to sing a cutting from a character's song of your choosing. Maybe there is a specific character or song you are drawn to and want to sing 20-30 seconds from that song? Feel free to work on it on your own and sing it at auditions! Remember: you can audition/sing for any role regardless of the characters original gender. Ask Ms. Bond for the sheet music you need.
You can be considered for any role no matter what song you sing: The Baseball Game or any other, so choose what makes you feel the best!
And don't hesitate to check in with Ms. Bond or Ms. Beck after school before 5/4 if you'd like to say hi or ask questions about music.  

In the soundtrack (song below), the audition song goes from about :09- :30

                 For dance auditions, we will learn and demonstrate a portion of "My Blanket and Me"
While I will teach this at auditions, if you'd like to get a head start feel free to use the example and tutorial videos below to familiarize yourself with it.
You can follow along with the videos as if you were mirroring me 

Example of whole audition dance:





It's important to remember that any student can play any role regardless of original gender of the character, and that a fun ensemble will be utilized, so there will be more in the cast than in the original script!

Charlie Brown Cast List:
If you would like to contact us with questions, wait until after school Friday please!
First Rehearsal is scheduled for Monday 5/10 from 3:15-5:30pm. Let me know asap with conflicts!

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