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North Salem High School is an urban school in Salem, Oregon with a proud history. As the first high school in Salem- the current building opened in 1937- our vintage architecture make us stand out, especially in our palatial auditorium.  Arriving on the scene in 2012 as a young teacher my goal was to create a theatre program that matched the auditorium in grandeur.


 We strive to create high quality, enjoyable theatre while focusing on enriching the lives of the students who participate. It is my belief that by participating in a program where you create something to be proud of (Theatre!) these students get an opportunity to really see what they are made of and what they are capable of. Theatre provides the participant with a unique opportunity to work with others in a variety of ways and connect with the world around them. 


Ms. Alyssa Bond, proud teacher and director at North Salem

High School

Photo Credit: Jeff Shultz

Dionysius Awards

Honoring student achivement in Theatre at North through the annual Dionysius Awards Night

Photo Credit: Mike McClelland 



A high quality Musical Production is included in every stunning season

Photo Credit: Mike McClelland



Also included in each season are straight plays that allow our students to stretch their abilities

Photo Credit: Mike McClelland

Troupe 2320

We are Troupe 2320 of the Oregon Chaper of the International Thespian Society, and proud of it!

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