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“Orange Dream”

  • Fun and funky tote bag
  • Fully lined, including interfacing
  • Open inside and out (no zippers)
  • Approx. 16"x16"- notepad 8 1/2"x 11" for reference 
  • 3" soft/flat base
  • Handmade with love


This tote bag is one of a large batch I (Alyssa Bond, director of NSHS Theater) have been making to keep busy during Covid/Quarantine/Distance Learning/Production-Free-Time.


Spring 2020 when I suddenly found myself with too much free time and mountains of donated fabric at school- as well as plenty I had been hoarding for years myself- I decided to go back to my roots and made some tote bags! Back in the day (pre-teaching) I regularly made product for craft bazaars and Etsy, so it was fun to get back in the swing of such things. Originally I was hoping to have these for sale in the lobby pre-show and intermission last school year, but decided insted to start them online. I am putting them up for sale via our website so folks can purchase them that way! All proceeds will go toward our program- this is just one more fabulous fundraiser!


If you purchase a tote bag (all of which have been safely quarantining since production/photos) you will get a homemade product crafted with love and be giving back to NSHS Theater!

Orange Dream

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