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This purchase will send you a PDF that includes a link to copy/paste and also a QR code (if thats easier) that will guide you to an unlisted YouTube playlist titled NSHS Theater Arts 2021-2022. This playlist inclides 4k recordings of The Little Mermaid (acts 1 and 2), each One-Act (although the camera died just before the end of EMWHBM), Molly Denholtz, and This Girl Laughs. It also includes the improv that came before closing night of Molly and This Girl. All recordings were taken closing night.


While it is not a given that rights-holding companies will allow us to record and share our performances, we have been fortunate enough to be able to this year- as long as we follow the rules. We were allowed to 'take a recording' but not 'make a movie' and you may watch with family/share the link with extended family to watch but not host a 'viewing party'. 


The $10 cost for access to these recordings will act as one more fundraiser for us- thank you!  If nether method of accesing the playlist thaty will be available in the purchased PDF is convinient, send me a quick email and I'll send you the link directly. 

NSHS Theater Arts 2021-2022: Show Recording Access

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